Reviews and Press

"Dice - the best thing since bread was sliced."
- John Cooper Clarke

"Really love the album 'Dice', have listened to it a lot.  The chorus on 'A Product' really sticks in your head..."
- Michael Wadada (Suns of Arqa)

"The B-side is a more confrontational track with its abrasive sonic splashes and unsettling bassline. Hyphen then seeks to make a more meditative brew out of such fiery ingredients, and his dub mix more than rises to the challenge."
- Ear Candy Music (on Brian Hyphen's remix for Suns of Arqa 12")

"What a lovely album 'Dice' is.  I was doing my work when listening to it and found that I was smiling, and was surprised to find myself enjoying my work.  This album makes me smile more." 
- Aidan Killian (Comedian)

"Hyphen's dub take on Cape Town Rock turns the track inside out, and is reminiscent of the Jamaican dubs of old.  A real treat to listen to.  With good vibes..."
- Denis Harper (KDT Magazine)

"Taking the original further into the dub chamber, this is a smoker’s delight"
- Emotional Rescue (on Brian Hyphen's Asian Rebel Dub for Suns of Arqa)