Born in Dublin (Ireland), Brian grew up around music and electronics - with music in the family for several generations - and has had a life-long passion for performance, sound, music, and production.  Brian comes from a family of musicians including his grandfather, Irish accordionist Sonny Brogan, who played with Seán Ó Riada and Ceoltóirí Chualann.

Brian started producing music in the early 1990s - recording many cassette demos and mixes.  Taking a break from music for a few years, Brian trained at the Gaiety School of Acting and performed with a variety of theatre companies including the Dublin Shakespeare Society.  In the early 2000s, Brian ventured into other areas such as mentalism, magic and stand-up comedy "all of which went about as well as you can imagine..."   it was time to go back to music again, so Brian studied sound engineering and music properly this time, which then led to building a proper studio, remixing several artists, playing live and recording with World Music pioneers Suns of Arqa, and releasing a solo album Dice in 2016.  This has been followed up since with several singles, and there are more in the works...

Manchester legend John Cooper Clarke's reaction to Brian's solo album was 'Dice - the best thing since bread was sliced', whereas comedian Aidan Killian said that 'this album makes me smile more'.  'Dice' is a ten-track album best listened to in sequence from start to finish, like the old days before we had shuffle and all that.  Parts of the album contain music Brian wrote in the early 1990s, re-recorded, sampled or remixed significantly for the album 21 years later. This does mean of course that Brian has narrowly beaten Kraftwerk’s 20-year record at being painfully slow to release an album.

Brian Hyphen mainly works 'behind the scenes' with other artists, mixing, collaborating and editing.  He is currently working on his second solo album which is due for release this year, he will be performing live in London and Dublin over the coming twelve months, and he plans to perform a number of additional live shows next year, featuring reworked versions of tracks from both his own albums plus some unheard and unreleased material.